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Roland’s editorial work with our company over many years has been impressively quick and accurate; he has a thorough understanding of the printing trade and an excellent eye for detail.

John Phillips, Studio Director, Salisbury Printing

I write and publish in my second language. In the past I have found it essential to be able to rely on a first-class editor with experience and a deep knowledge of the English language. Roland is skilful at rewording into a readable and natural idiom, without losing nuances in the original text. He has worked with me on fiction and non-fiction with the same reliable authority. His quick intelligence inspires real confidence and gets great results. Indispensable.

Claes Johansen, author

Ever meticulous, Roland’s hawk-like copy-editing has added both polish and flair to all my printed literary event material over the past decade: tightening press releases; ironing out inconsistencies on flyers; honing reviews; improving lay-out and text in photo-books.  It’s all in the detail, and Roland spots it every time. Indispensable!

Lucy Shepherd, Literary Events Organiser

Roland has copy-edited eight books for me to date – both factual titles and novels. He constantly impresses with his speed and accuracy of work, and incredible eye for detail. I never realised the difference between proof-reading and copy-editing before – he makes welcome creative comments as well as sorting out errors and inconsistencies.

I am convinced his efforts have contributed to sales of the various titles and certainly increased the authority and credibility of my writing. I wouldn’t want to use anyone else!

Piers Warren, author

If you need your texts, articles and other writings in English to be clear and correct down to the smallest fraction of a punctuation mark – then you need to let Roland Clare help you. Actually, that sentence should not start with an ‘if’. You need all your written communication to be as clear as possible, period. And experience has shown me – as a non-native speaker – there is simply no-one quicker, better and friendlier than Roland to help you achieve that.

Jonas Söderström, author and information architect

During the past ten years, when I have needed a good, interesting, and well-researched liner note for an album, or someone to proof-read a press release, I have turned first to one person. I am always working to a deadline and I need someone I can rely on, and for me that person has been – and is – Roland Clare.

He pays attention, and adds that extra detail. He has never let me down.

Chris Cooke, Lowspeak Music

Roland's hallmarks include thorough research, a clear and engaging written style, sharp awareness of the client's needs, and highly accurate work in the teeth of a deadline. Over several years of collaboration, his material has invariably arrived ready-to-use, and his overview, at the proof stage, has been invaluable.

Chas Chandler, Label Manager, Union Square Music

I am extremely grateful from the service I received from Roland. He edited my UCAS personal statement to the highest standard. I would recommend his service to everyone who's not native speaker and needs professional written English.

Borislava Borislavova, Nurse

There are millions of words on the Hooting Yard website, and when the occasional error creeps in, I can rely on Roland to spot it. Whether it is a virtually invisible typo (a comma for a full stop) or a minor infelicity of style, his eagle eye will pick it up. He is invaluable.

Frank Key, author, broadcaster and blogger