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It’s risky, trying to proof-read your own writing. Your eyes cleverly ‘auto-correct’ a high proportion of the typos – and thinkos – because they know what you intended to say. And the flaws remain.

Yet a professional editor, overriding this subconscious ‘skill’, will focus on what you actually wrote – or seemed to imply – and help you to clarify and enhance it.

Don’t leave the error-spotting to your clients and customers, examiners, followers, interviewers, managers, sponsors, staff, students, tutors ...

Let Wordfix sort it all out for you.

Our work is always tailored to the client's requirements, but there are two fundamental services:

We tidy up spelling, punctuation, formatting, and resolve inconsistencies – but leave the content pretty-well unchanged.

As well as tidying up spelling, formatting and so on, we suggest enhancements to the wording and structure: moving things about, modifying tone, length, register, and so on.

The charges for the two services are the same – but the copy-editing is a longer job.

The principal editor at Wordfix.org is Roland Clare, a Cambridge English MA with thirty years' editorial experience, decades of teaching English at a respected secondary school, and a lively interest in all kinds of writing.