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Editorial work is charged by the minute, with no minimum charge.

In our first contact we'll establish what you're working on and what kind of help you're looking for, and what we typically charge for that.

Then you'll send an e-mail with no obligation attaching a typical sample of the material you want us to look at. We use Microsoft Word.

We'll edit/proof-read and return a section free of charge so you can see what benefits you'll be getting. You'll also get a sense of the likely time-scale (and hence expenditure) for the job.

If you decide to proceed with Wordfix, we'll talk, and find a mutually-agreeable schedule for completion / payment. 

Clients typically pay by BACS, but some still use cheques, and PayPal is another possibility.

Why don't we charge by the word? Because it doesn't help either party. Sometimes 1,000 words need almost no modification, and sometimes a single paragraph can require lengthy consultation or research to sort it out.